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In Thai Chicago, we’re passionate about our readers’ legal issues and problems. Legal advice regarding marriage, divorce, and immigration cases are our bread and butter, but we often showcase other subjects. While we already have a dedicated, although really small, team of writers, we need more people.

We used to have a really big team of writers, but right now, we’re having a crisis due to the fact that a lot of them have started their own firms or just joined powerful firms in the city, as our goal for our staff members is to keep growing over time.

We’re in the look for native English speakers with a solid foundation on law (preferably young law students in Chicago area) and with a deep desire to write about their passion. We are always networking with major firms in the area, which often leads to writers leaving our project to fulfill their dreams.

While we love seeing our staff growing even out of our magazine, we also need to keep producing content. If you’re interested in the job, don’t hesitate and send us your resume or give us a call to make an appointment.

All we need is people who are passionate about law and legal advice and who have a good foundation in writing for media outlets. We always prefer law students, as they can grow the most by staying here for a while, and we’ll keep them as our priority targets, but everyone can apply for the job if they feel prepared for the challenge.