11 Shocking Marriage Laws That You Havent Heard About Yet - 11 Shocking Marriage Laws That You Haven't Heard About Yet

11 Shocking Marriage Laws That You Haven’t Heard About Yet

Marital relationships are somewhat unpredictable and some of them end in divorce unfortunately by disagreements of the couple, infidelities, and a myriad of different reasons.

But in some cities, there are laws about marriage that are somewhat absurd. You could actually be breaking some ridiculous law at this moment with your partner. Here are some of the most shocking ones:

Marriage as A Challenge

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If you got married for a joke or challenge in Delaware, you can get a marriage annulment. This is established in the decree of the state of Delaware that regulates marital relationships and their separations, in their “Chapter 15. Divorce and Cancellation.”

Fake Teeth? No Way

In order to use false teeth in Vermont, you must ask your husband for permission in writing. Someone needs to explain.

U Can’t Repeat Stories!

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In Kentucky, it is illegal to marry the same man four times. Talking about second chances!

Bad Mother-In-Law

Abuses or bad relationship with your mother-in-law can be a valid ground for divorce in Wichita, Kansas. Take care of your mother-in-law.

Macho Men

Before getting married in Truro (Cape Cod) men have to hunt and kill several crows in order to prove their manhood.

No Kisses

In Hartford, Connecticut, it is forbidden to kiss his wife in public on Sundays. Hello?

Drunk in the Marriage

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In Tennessee and Mississippi, if the county clerk believes that either of you who want to get married is drunk, or you’re just a fool, you can be denied a marriage license.

Sleeping Naked Prohibition

In Salem, Massachusetts, a married couple cannot sleep in a rented room naked. Yes it’s correct.

Forbidden Seers

It is illegal for people in New Orleans to marry people who are sighted or who are related to black magic.

Yes to the Cousins

In Utah, two cousins can marry when they are over 65. So if it’s your case, it’s your turn to wait.

You Do Not Need To Go To Your Wedding Anymore!

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In different places like California, Texas, and Colorado, you do not need to attend your wedding. Now you can leave a power of attorney or registered in a valid way, authorizing another person to go for you to marry in your place. Madness!

So if you are reading this and you are from some of the US states that were listed, be careful. It’s something absurd, but there are serious laws.

These are local laws of each State that most have been created a long time ago and have not been repealed or reformed, that’s why they’re considered strange and meaningless. We know it’s time for a change, it’s 2018 already.