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When David Warren started his legal advice blog back in 2009, he realized he had something good in his hands, and when the Thai Chicago magazine was launched, dozens of law firms started knocking our doors to get featured in our magazine. This isn’t an accidental occurrence.

Since 2013, Thai Chicago has been exponentially growing with thousands of readers in the Chicago area and many more scattered around the US. We have the pleasure of having a solid reader base in which we can rest upon. Our business is set and good to go.

We offer different advertising plans and platforms for companies and law firms using various SEO strategies which could enhance your visibility on the Internet. We also offer special feature blog posts and articles to make you brand bigger and more visible than ever before.

We have an audience of more than 1 million monthly readers, and we plan to grow our company in the next year. We can assure you returns from this investment quicker than our competitors in the area. We’re becoming one of the leading law resources near the Chicago area and we are really proud of this success.

If you want to get an advertising plan with our company to enjoy all these benefits, you can also be part of our network by forming a strategic partnership with the magazine. This way, your visibility in the website will have premium features and your company would become a major advertiser in our events.

Don’t hesitate to call our team at any given moment, as we will be keen to assist you and explain to your associates all we have to offer with these partnerships.