About Thai Chicago

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Thai Chicago was founded in 2013 by David Warren with the sole purpose of becoming one of the most important outlets in Chicago regarding legal advice and lawyers’ promoting. We cover everything within the field but we have a special focus on marriage, divorce, and immigration cases.

David Warren is a lawyer graduated from the law school at the University of Chicago. For years, he worked alongside some of the most recognized lawyers in the state, developing a solid foundation for him and his career.

In 2009, Warren thought it would be a good idea to start a legal advice blog with the help of his girlfriend, and together they created ChicagoLegalAdvisor.com, a blog dedicated to everything related to lawyers and new laws within the Illinois state.

While the blog didn’t have much success, Warren understood that he wanted to make a business which could showcase lawyers from his area while providing simple and to-the-point legal advice to marriages and immigrants who wanted to marry to US citizens the right way.

With help from some lawyer friends, he started Thai Chicago. Just after 2 months of launching the site, he was getting offers from different lawyers to be showcased in the web magazine. We’ve been growing strong ever since, and we would like to continue on our path.

Keep reading the magazine if you want the best legal advice from some of the most trustworthy lawyers in the Chicago area or if you’d like to find a lawyer who could help you solve any legal issues.